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TEL:18959763338   ADD:No.1097 Xunjiang Road,Xunmei Industrial Zone,Fengze District,Quanzhou City,Fujian Province,China 362011     E-mail:jack@kaqigarments.com
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kaqitiger has opened more than 1,000 direct or franchised stores in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, and has formed close cooperation with many well-known department stores in China. Since 2013, on the basis of the rapid growth of popular stores in shopping malls, large-scale professional store programs have been launched. Founded in 2006, OUTDOOR Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. promotes healthy and fashionable outdoor lifestyle and outdoor lifestyle service providers, providing multi-brand, full range of personalized, high-quality travel and outdoor products for outdoor and travel enthusiasts. And distribution of more than 200 well-known brand products at home and abroad.

Contact Us
No.1097 Xunjiang Road, Xunmei Industrial Zone,
Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China 362011